The Music Candle Line


The Musician’s Line Candles are inspired by musical instruments. With a Net Wt. of 7.5oz,  these are still a perfect size for a small to medium size bedroom, work study, office, or music room area! If you are a musician, enjoy listening to music, appreciate music, or have a loved one who is a musician, these candles are perfect for you!



The Music Candle Line makes great gifts for any one who loves and appreciates music! These candles combine my passion for music education and candle making into one. You heard that right!  Just like each instrument is unique, each candle will be featuring a new and different scent that represents the instrument’s look, sound, history,  and other qualities. These candles also feature a playlist card that you will receive when you order your candle. So you can have an all-in-one experience of what music has to offer.

Once an instrument candle has launched, it will be available year round. Find out what instruments are available now by clicking on the scents below!

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The Flutist, The Violinist, The Trumpeter, The Ukulelist, The Guitarist, The Saxophonist, The Cellist, The Trombonist, The Pianist, The French Hornist, The Clarinetist, The Harpist


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