When MKC Candles originally started in June 2020, I noticed that our nation and world were going through many troubling times (as seemed to be the theme of 2020). Witnessing these troubling times that other’s were going through made me want to help. Now that MKC Candles is growing, required services are also increasing. Therefore, now a percentage of proceeds each month will go to a featured organization. 

In the year 2020, about $1200 was donated to organizations around the world to help those in need. For the year of 2021, MKC Candles LLC donated a total of $950 to various organizations. In 2022, the goal will be $1000 to donate to various organizations both worldwide and nationwide. And YOU can help make that happen!


The organization for the month of May is the Youth Mental Health Project. This organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to providing education and resources to families of early teens and young adults who suffer from mental health disparities. They provide speakerships, educational materials, parental resources, and other forms awareness on mental health in that of our youth and young adults. 

Visit https://ymhproject.org/ for more information!



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Image provided by https://ymhproject.org/learn-more/